Update on Zoonosis

Our update on a cat disease known as “zoonosis” received a lot of attention. The two most asked questions: what exactly are the diseases categorized by zoonosis and how do they spread?

The most common zoonoses, with regard to food and water bowls, are salmonella, campylobacter and worms. These bugs have different mechanisms of causing infection, but they all travel through the environment generally through feces then then travel indoors on the pet’s paws or coat. When your cat cleans itself by licking its fur and then eats from a bowl, the infection is quickly dispersed onto the bowl and then to anything or anybody who touches the bowl.

How to minimize the probability of spreading the disease? Wash your cats bowl in the dishwasher and immediately wash your hands after touching the bowl.

(Or in our minds, a better idea is to use a CleanHealthy Bowl and immediately toss the bowl into the compost or trash!)