Petco has made a big announcement declaring that they are taking their commitment further as the first significant pet retailer to take a stand against artificial ingredients. Apparently, their in-house studies show that artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are bad for pets and they will remove all pet food with these ingredients starting this January! We applaud them for this move!

But pet food is only one part of the problem. When will pet retailers begin to say something about the importance of a clean bowl? There are numerous articles from scientist and veterinarians making the claim that a clean bowl is an essential part of feeding your nutritious pet food and yet no pet food manufacturer or significant retailer has done anything about giving customers an easy solution to this problem.



Pet food sales have fallen more than $2.78 billion in the past two years!*

How can that be?

There are more pets in homes, and every study on the pet industry shows that more and more money is spent on our pets. Many analysts are suggesting that pet owners are reading labels more intensely and learning that what goes in too many pet foods is, well…. disgusting!

Pet owners are fed up with the misleading marketing and lack of regulation in the pet food industry. Many pet owners have started cooking for their pets and/or are serving raw, natural and organic meals.

There are more and more cookbooks with chefs creating wonderful pet recipes and experts are writing about how to create a complete balanced diet for a pet.

Pets are benefiting with better, nutritious diets and well-planned meals. Just do not forget to serve the meal in a clean, clean bowl!

*Statistic Provided By Statista