Are your pets a shade of green?

Most grocery stores have begun to tilt green, some are just a chartreuse shade, while others are deeper, bolder seaweed green! Of course, it is all based on their customer’s appetite for our earth, but just about all stores are carrying green items.

Photo Credits:  Talladega Dog

Photo Credits: Talladega Dog

Most paper and plastic based products from disposable towels, Kleenex, cutlery and especially plastic and paper cups are now made in biodegradable and compostable forms. In fact, even toothbrushes come in a compostable form! Straws are the most recent, and several companies are making compostable boxes that products are packaged in. Baby diapers, wipes, facial tissues, bags and the most important one, poop bags are all made from compostable material.

The best green products are made for products that are either hard to wash, or you do not want to wash it with your dinner glasses and plates (a pet’s bowl), completely not washable (poop bag) or very time consuming and pragmatic (a baby’s diaper). One can argue that any or all of my examples are easy to wash, but not at my home and maybe not at your house either. We do not wash our dirty and crusty cat bowls, our children’s diapers and indeed not the poop bags. But our pets are a shade of green as we use CleanHealthy pet bowls for every meal!