My Cat Eats Rats, Why Do They Need A Clean Bowl?

Every week we receive several nice emails and text messages with pictures of pets eating from their CleanHealthy Pets bowls . The captions are usually nice, flattering, sometimes funny and always appreciative that we have created an easy to use disposable pet bowl . But to be honest, we do receive a couple of less than complimentary notes. We have received “I have never washed my dogs bowl; he/she licks it clean”, “what a waste, just rinse it off” or “our cat has never been sick and she kills a rat a week”.


The Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 24,000,000 pets get a foodborne illness a year! They recommend that you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water before and after touching pet food. That you run your pet bowl through the dishwasher after each feeding and you make sure the scoop used to scoop pet food out of bags/containers are clean. 

So there are a good percentage of people who recognize the need for our bowls. If you do not use one of our bowls, please make sure you run your pet’s bowl through the dishwasher. As for rats, if they are a “fresh kill” and the rats have not been near any poison, your cats will be okay. I just wouldn’t let them lick you for a while!