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Buffalo Springfield….

a 1966 Canadian and US rock band comprised of several prominent musicians, sent a message that renews itself in every generation when they sang  “There's something happening here, But what it is ain't exactly clear”.

Nestle Purina has announced that they are following competitors in the pet food space which offer “organic pet food”. They introduced a new startup called RootLab that sells pet food with proteins like crickets, Asian Carp and Cod Chickenpea in their pet food.  You can also expect to see common pet-food proteins like chicken organs, a fresh sounding name with a sustainable spin. 

While all of this sounds terrific, all the good in this can be undone and put pets in a perilous position if they are not eating from a very clean bowl. But nobody is talking about the importance of serving this new pet food in a clean bowl, a bowl run through the dishwasher at very high temperatures to kill off any bacteria from food left in the bowl.

Why? Because bacteria don’t sell pet food! “But that ain’t exactly clear”.

We created a bowl for people who want to safely feed their pets these new, nutritious meals.