With all the negative news regarding pet food recalls, if you are a pet food manufacturer and are positive that your pet food is free of any harmful ingredients, why don’t you recommend your customers use a clean pet bowl? Can you imagine the confidence in your product that this would build? But few if any do just that. There is an old saying still true today … when you tell somebody something before it happens… it’s “information”. But when you wait to tell them after it’s a problem… it becomes an excuse. Labels for food for human consumption are very clear on what needs to be refrigerated, what can be microwaved, temperatures for food that needs to be cooked , and how long fish and meat can be stored just to mention a few. But in the Pet Industry, is the problem with the food, or a dirty bowl? With all the bacteria that a dirty bowl can hold, the very least pet food companies should do is suggest that their food should be served in a Clean Healthy Bowl! Most of us think of our pets as family, we need the pet food manufactures to think the same way!