More Than Raw Facts


After reading a blog article, “A Few Raw Facts,” we felt the need to express that it overlooked one significant fact.


That is, the growth of raw, natural and organic pet food isn’t due to the health issues of the food we choose to feed our pets, but rather, the concern is over not knowing what is in canned or bagged foods. The article takes a few pet foods and compares data when instead, hundreds of pet food companies are stuffed full of chemicals, animal by-products and things no human would even consider giving their beloved pets.

With that in mind, it is in our opinion that the industry needs to work on better labeling. Pet owners have a right to be concerned about the food they feed their pets. Within the last few months, there have been so many pet food recalls and poor-quality food that leads to both short- and long-term health issues, it is obvious why so many people are taking responsibility and feeding their pets fresh and raw food.