Late Adaptors- Breakthrough!

My daughter is very busy with her work and doesn't have the time or interest in washing her dog's bowl. She was an early adaptor and started using the simplicity of a Clean Healthy bowl when she adopted her dog. She feeds her best friend and then tosses the bowl out!

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.23.01 PM.png

My son is a late adaptor, or his girlfriend is. The two of them are both very busy working long hours, and they simplified the feeding of her, now their, two cats. They only fed the cats dry cat food and left it in a steel dish for the cats to nibble on all day. Since the cat food was dry, they didn’t concern themselves with washing the bowls, so our CHP bowls were not needed. Then one of the cats began to have problems with her digestive system and stopped eating. In between meetings at work, they took the cat into the veterinarian, and he suggested they start feeding the cat a wet cat food that would be easier for the cat to digest. After a few days of washing their cat’s bowls, my son called and said: "Dad, where do we buy your bowls?"

I sent him a few hundred and just said “spread the word.”