Humanization of Pets

Wow! Convenience with an eco-friendly underpinning is starting to penetrate the market! We have been saying this for years, using a compostable bowl for feeding your pet is easier (no washing bowls), convenient (use and toss) and good for the environment (a renewable product that does not convert to trash). But now Healthy Choice, fresh food for humans, has come out with a new campaign “Healthy Choice has had one goal: to give people a healthy option that’s as delicious as it is easy to prepare.”

Their meals are packed with an eco-friendly, compostable bowl that can be tossed into the green waste after the meal.

Our bowls are made specifically for pets! They are lower to the ground, have a rim for balancing them in your pet’s favorite bowl or to give it balance when using the bowl without a hardline bowl, two ears on each side for easy pick up with out having to stick your hand inside the dirty bowl. Use and toss!

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 12.35.39 PM.png