clean healthy bowls for dogs

This started as a cat bowl project. Many cats, including ours, have allergies to different types of bowls and will refuse to eat from them. Other cats have sensitive whiskers while some are just finicky eaters! We created a non-allergenic bowl made from wheat straw or sugar cane that our cat could eat out of without getting a red rash under his chin.

But then Chili arrived and became my daughter’s child! Like all good parents, she wanted an easily solution to feeding her dog and didn’t enjoy cleaning the bowl. There are a million reasons why people do not like cleaning a pet’s bowl, but all I heard was that it was gross! Naturally, she wanted to know “why don’t you make them for dogs?”.  “And make a bigger size too.”

Who could resist? We now market our bowls to cats AND dogs and are in the process of making a bigger bowl. All for Chili!.